WaterstofNet visits H2 South Tyrol to discuss the Life N' Grab HY! demonstration of refuse collection vehicle in Bolzano

On the 28th of February WaterstofNet met the people from H2 South Tyrol and the local refuse collection company to discuss the demonstration of the projects' refuse collection vehicles in the City of Bolzano (Northern Italy). The city of Bolzano is very commited in reducing greenhouse gases, cleaning the air in the city and its' surrounding area and protecting the environment. 

Bolzano is located in the Unesco world heritage region of the Dolomites and therefore very engaged in new technologies and zero emmission mobility. H2 South Tyrol is a local organisation focussed on hydrogen and realised a hydrogen fuelingstation. This makes it, beside the large interest of the municipality, an ideal test location for the refuse collection vehicle and to measure the effects of zero emmission refuse collection is a mountainess area.