About the project

Large-scale European demonstration programme on hydrogen garbage trucks (Belgian, Dutch and German consortium) funded by LIFE.

‘LIFE ‘N GARB HY!’ stands for ‘LIquidation of Full Emission and Noise by GARBage trucks with HYdrogen’. The aim of the project is to convert two garbage trucks to hydrogen and to operate these mainly in and around the city of Eindhoven. In later stages these vehicles will be demonstrated in ten different locations in Europe.

Garbage trucks are mainly operational in densely populated urban areas, in which there are strict criteria concerning emissions and environmental standards. A garbage truck on hydrogen is zero emission and is largely silent, thus meeting municipalities’, waste collection institutions and the local residents’ requirements.

Strong consortium

The project is a joint initiative by WaterstofNet, E-Trucks Europe, Baetsen Groep, Cure Afvalbeheer and Hydrogenics GmbH.
Together with industry and governments WaterstofNet realizes projects and roadmaps concerning renewable hydrogen for zero-emission transport and energy storage. The main area of focus is the region of Flanders – Southern Netherlands. WaterstofNet coordinates and disseminates the LIFE ‘N GARB HY! project.
E-Trucks Europe, converter of trucks to hydrogen-electric vehicles and Hydrogenics GmbH, provider of the fuel cell, will cover the technical part. They will equip both garbage trucks with an electric powertrain, a battery package and a fuel cell that converts hydrogen to electricity, in order to charge the battery. The action radius of the truck is extended by means of the so-called ‘hydrogen range extender’, providing power for a full day of operation without the need of charging electrically. The powertrain will be fully electric and zero-emission.

Demonstrations on 10 locations in Europe

In its initial stage, the garbage trucks will be operational through Cure Afvalbeheer (Eindhoven) and Baetsen Groep (Veldhoven). After one year of service, they will be demonstrated on 10 different locations in Europe. The main goal will be to convince those involved, that hydrogen is a viable solution for the future of transport. The trucks will be operational for a period of two to three weeks on various locations in which a hydrogen refuelling station is already in place.
All parties involved will be duly informed: such as waste collection providers, municipalities, technology providers and other entities concerned. This way, 10 European cities will get hands-on information and experience in operating hydrogen-electric garbage trucks.

The Life 'N Grab Hy! activities have received funding from the European Union’s LIFE Programme under the Grant Agreement nr. LIFE14 ENV/BE/000415