Presentations available: Webinar Experiences and Perspectives for Garbage Trucks on Hydrogen (March 30th 2021)

There is an increasing need for zero emission refuse trucks to comply with upcoming access restrictions imposed by cities as part of air pollution reduction strategies. Garbage trucks on hydrogen are a promising solution to meet these challenge.

Follow this webinar to get an insight on the experiences and results of the two hydrogen trucks demonstrated within the Life'N Grab Hy! project.

Get an insight into the advantages, challenges and perspectives for hydrogen trucks in the near future.

With presentations of WaterstofNet, E-trucks Europe, Baetsen, Cure, Hector, Revive and Easme.


13.30 pm 

Opening presentation by EASME – LIFE programme 

Mario Lionetti, Easme  

13.45 pm 

The LIFE ’N Grab HY! project and a wider perspective on heavy duty transport on hydrogen 

Stefan Neis, WaterstofNet 

14.00 pm 

Life ’N Grab HY! experiences, plans, upscaling 

Ben Cornelis, E-Trucks Europe 

14.30 pm 

Experiences and results LIFE demonstration @Baetsen in Veldhoven 

Walter Batenburg, Baetsen 

14.40 pm 

Experiences and results LIFE demonstration @Cure in Eindhoven 

Frans van Strijp, Cure 

14.50 pm 

Experiences and results LIFE demonstration @Hürth near Cologne 

Stefan Neis, WaterstofNet 

15.00 pm 

Short break with film about the LIFE ‘N Grab HY!- project 


15.10 pm 

Upscaling  Hector Project: results and objectives 

Amy Perry, Aberdeen City Council 

 15.25 pm

Upscaling  Revive  project : results and objectives 

Dimitri van den Borre, Tractebel 

15.40 pm 

Upscaling  H2RenT  project results and objectives 

Adwin Martens, WaterstofNet 

15.55 pm 

Conclusions  Life and Grab Hy! project 

Stefan Neis, WaterstofNet