The Life'N Grab Hy! trucks (Europe's first hydrogen-powered garbage trucks) proudly presented in Brabant (Nl)

Today, april 11th, the trucks of the Life project 'Life ‘N Grab Hy!’ are proudly presented in Brabant (Nl) by the partners of the project.

Baetsen Group (Nl) and Cure Afvalbeheer (Nl) will be collecting garbage with a hydrogen-powered collection vehicle in the Eindhoven region. On april 11th the trucks were officially inaugurated in the presence of the aldermen for sustainability of the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area.

This demonstration is the first in a series of 10 demonstrations in European cities. Baetsen-Groep and Cure waste management invested in these innovative and zero-emission vehicles. The vehicles were built by E-trucks Europe (BE), with support of Hydrogenics.

The trucks are Europe’s first garbage trucks on hydrogen with licence plate.The presentation of the trucks is a new milestone in the Life ‘N Grab Hy project!

We are looking forward to their demonstration in the Eindhoven region and to the other regions in Europe in a later phase.

Download the press release here: