LIFE 'N Grab HY! presented at the 21st European Forum on Eco-Innovation in Sofia (Bulgary)

The 21st EU forum on Eco-Innovation, which took place on the 5th and 6th of February, aims to mobilise business, the public sector and non-governmental organisations to develop and deployi new innovative solutions to improve air quality in Europe. During the forum several organisations were able to present their projects in different sessions. Among them, the coordinating beneficiary WaterstofNet, presented the LIFE 'N Grab HY! -project during the session on "Transport and air quality conversations". In this interactive session, Stefan Neis presented the development of the hydrogen electric hybrid refuse collection vehicles and how they contribute to the reduction of air pollution originating from energy use. The deployment of the two trucks at the planned 10 demonstration locations was also highlighted.

Outcomes of the interactive session with EU Policy officers, members of Several EU ministries of Environment as well as municipality stakeholders and other participants are:

  • Participants showed a lot of intrest in the project
  • The technology fits the demand and the future vision of "clean air and clean cities" 
  • There is great potential for the technology on the European market
  • Improvement points can be found in the current price of the technology (vehicle), the maturity of the supply chain and the wider dissemination of the technology.

All the information about the venue, photos, videos and presentations can be found here