Garbage truck demonstrated in Hürth, near Cologne

On the 15th of January, the first 'external' demonstration of the garbage truck of the LIFE'N Grab HY! projects started in Hürth, near Cologne.

In the presence of the Mayor of the Stadt Hürth, WaterstofNet and E-Trucks Europe and Baetsen (owner of the truck) transferred the key of the vehicle was to the Stadtwerke Hürth. 

Stadtwerke Hürth will test and demonstrate the truck - built by E-trucks Europe - in the whole municapality of Hürth, which is one of the directly neighboring cities to the south of Cologne (with 61 000 inhabitants).

It will use the vehicle, in daily operation, for 2 weeks and will gain experience in driving a hydrogen garbage truck with low noise and zero-emissions. The truck will refuel at the hydrogen refueling station located on the "Industriepark Knapsack". 

After the demonstration - organised by WaterstofNet - the achievements and the impact at this site will be shared at a workshop.

We wish the drivers and loaders a nice experience! We are convinced they will enjoy the nice working conditions collecting waste with zero-emissions.